The Valker Team

Wesley Balten

CEO & Marketing Manager

With a foundation in design and a passion for marketing, he will push every project from concept to launch in record time.

“I will try, but despite what you all may think, I am not Superman.” – Dr. McKay

Michel Roos

CTO & Software Director

Having roots in embedded software development and multiple languages in his toolbelt, he always puts the secure before the SL.

“The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit.” – Anonymous

Jardo Louw

Lead Developer

As a developer with great experience in web services and a passion for front-end, he makes sure that everything will work as good as it looks.

“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” – Ghandi

Thomas Nikkels

Junior Developer

This programming talent has an eye for security systems, a feeling for network architecture and an active interest in the upcoming world of the artificial.

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” – Marc Kenigsberg

Recent Articles

Pulled straight from the blog

The Unexpected Value of Human Resource Management

There are a number of things that the human resource management team must take care of in a company. Their jobs entail taking care of the company's most valuable resource, the employees. Only a company with an efficient and effective labor force can function well...

10 Things To Improve New Employee Engagement

First impressions are everything. This is true for people as well as companies. When you focus on improving new employee engagement, the company as a whole must leave a good first impression. Often that first positive glimpse into the culture of the organization will...

5 Great Methods For Improving Employee Motivation

Improving employee motivation is more than a paycheck. Especially with the next generation of workers.  What motivates one employee can be different from what motivates another. Find the best methods and keep it personalized. Everyone has something else they need for...

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